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About Climax Doll

       Our company is located in China Zhongshan city( in south Guangdong , near Guangzhou) , specialize in the production of high-end adult sex dolls. We have a large and professional production technology team, which has focused on how to improve the physical simulation of the dolls. And the customers feel ultimate when they use our products. Our products use food grade TPE, which is better touching feeling than silicone. Inside the products, we use metal material of all the dolls body skeleton , this framework can greatly improve the products lifetimes and the feelings of usage. In order to make the products more realistic, our toolings are produced from copy good body figures ladies, to bring customers a perfect experience of sexy. Through our continuous efforts, we got a lot of customers from Europe and the United States. Our company is the way of progress. We welcome retailers, OEM, ODM, OBM cooperation.