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CLM Black Friday: Pre-sale & Promotion

It’s very fortunate to usher in Black Friday with you. In order to thank you for your continued support to CLM, we have created a very attractive promotion!

I believe you have also planned to buy sex dolls on Black Friday. It can't be denied that 90% of sex doll stores will only discount on Black Friday.

Therefore, we decided to break with this traditional practice. We will conduct two promotional activities around Black Friday.

1. Black Friday Pre-sale(Nov 18-25th). Pay the doll's balance on Nov 25th

Small Prepaid Get Large Coupon, up to $300. 
The pre-sale price will be even more favorable than the price on Black Friday.

You can click on the CLM homepage or click this link to enter the pre-sale page.

When you prepaid (the deadline for prepayment is Nov 24th), we will send a coupon to you by email.
You can use the coupon to pay the balance on the corresponding doll page on Nov 25th, and choose your favorite skin tone and other attributes before payment!

2. Black Friday Promotions(Nov 26th)

In addition to our pre-sale, we will also give you a big discount on Black Friday.
The highest discount will be 40% off. Please look forward to it! 

Join In CLM Black Friday Carnival Now!


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