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CLM(Climax Doll) Gift You Protective Masks For Free

CLM(Climax Doll) Gift You Protective Masks For Free

Gift for you: protective masks 50 PCS (CE/FDA standard).
This caring activity is applicable to all products.


                Activity rules:         

1: Buy the sex toy you like (save your order number)

2:Follow us on Twitter(, and give a like for our post. [30 PCS masks will ship to you with sex toy]

3: Follow us on Twitter(, give a like, retweet this post and keep for at least 24 hours. [50 PCS masks will ship to you with sex toy, if you don't want to do the step 3, you can still get 30 PCS]

4: Please screenshot step1.2.3 and email to 

Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus, many countries and regions have also suffered from the impact of household and health products, masks are seriously out of stock, and the retail price of disposable protective masks in Europe and the United States has even reached 15 euros per mask. At present, China's mask manufacturers have resumed normal production, and the production volume has greatly increased, The masks conform to CE and FDA standards, and they are very sufficient. In order to end the epidemic as soon as possible, some areas have implemented the policy of less going out and less gathering, so young people are less happy at home for a long time. With less interpersonal interaction, especially for young people with greater physiological needs, they will feel dry and tasteless. When we know the situation, we have launched a health and safety activity for the global epidemic, On the one hand, just like when China broke out, foreign friends helped us, and now we CLM(Climax doll) will not "say no" if foreign friends need help

On the other hand, CLM DOLL can help people to meet their psychological and physiological needs in the current epidemic period, considering the health, safety and protection measures. Because these microbial pathogens can survive only when they live in living organisms. The bacteria that leave the host will not survive in a few hours. And sex dolls and other plastic products, Climax doll will be sterilized in production, The product must go through a strict quality inspection and hygiene inspection to ensure quality and safety. The packaging will also be disinfected before delivery. Customers can buy safely.


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