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⭐️CLM Pro⭐️
All of the full size sex dolls in the ⭐️CLM Pro⭐️ series are a combination of TPE bodies and silicone heads, all of which are hybrid sex dolls made up of mixed materials. The reason why we make a combination like this is so that you can feel the realism of our silicone head and also experience the soft TPE that is unique to CLM, the feeling of using it is very good. There is also the main point that TPE body and silicone head dolls are cheaper than full silicone dolls. Although the price of CLM Pro series dolls is more favorable than the price of full silicone dolls, but in the body of CLM Pro series dolls, we also match the very high-level configuration, and it is free of charge, specifically these configurations: simulated scalp wigs, movable jaw, ROS (real oral sex) technology. articulated fingers, EVO&shrug skeleton and gel breasts. The only optional extra charge is body make up, if you choose normal body make up, we use cosmetics for make up, if you choose upgraded body make up, we use high grade body paint. Such dolls currently include FD155cm Ginny, FD157cm Sola and FD159cm Mouna.

Also included in the ⭐️CLM Pro⭐️ series are the silicone mammary intercourse sex torso and the silicone masturbation cup. Both categories are made with our highest quality silicone materials. Silicone mammary intercourse sex torsos include Si-B-53, Si-B-59, Si-B-61, Si-B-86, and Si-B-92, all of which have gel breasts. The silicone masturbation cups, on the other hand, include the three models C-Vagina911, L-Vagina122 and M-Vagina153, each of which has a differently shaped labia to represent the labia of women of different ages.
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