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How to choose the right sex doll

How to choose the right sex doll?
Welcome to the official website of CLM (Climax Doll), when you enter our website, you will see a variety of sex dolls, so what kind of sex doll should you choose to be the most suitable for you?

Sex Dolls Beginners
If you are a sex doll beginner, then the first point we suggest is that you first consider the space for storing sex dolls, to figure out where in your home you can store sex dolls without being discovered by your family to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. So based on this issue, we would recommend that sex dolls for beginners can buy smaller sex dolls, such as mini sex dolls, torso sex dolls.

The second point you need to understand the production materials of sex dolls, sex dolls are mainly made of silicone and TPE, here we will not explain in detail the difference between silicone dolls and TPE dolls, you can go through
https://www.climax-doll.com/pages/faq this link for detailed information.

The third point is to consider the price. If you are really a first-time buyer of sex dolls, we would suggest that you can buy our
S/X/L mini torso or R2, R4, R5 butt dolls. Because these are our entry-level dolls, are the most cost-effective dolls, you can start with these dolls to experience the quality of our products, although the quality of our dolls are no problem.

Sex Doll Senior Players
If you are a veteran player, price is certainly not the first thing you should consider, because you have tried many different sex dolls, the first point you should consider is the doll's innovation and fun. For example, our silicone mini sex dolls, CLM's silicone mini sex dolls are now the best in the sex doll market, it can be said that 90 percent of the parts are customizable, you can give them a different outfit to dress up, you can buy several silicone sex dolls at the same time to go home and form a fun team.

The second point is to pursue the level of realism of the sex doll. You can refer to our silicone torso sex doll -
SIKSF#. Veteran players must pay attention to the various small details of the sex doll, the shape of the labia, the details of the anus, the shape and size of the areola, the texture of the skin.

If you are a fan of full-size large dolls, then I suggest you can buy a full-size doll with a TPE body plus a silicone head. Because veteran doll players will know that silicone is going to make the doll look more real and TPE is a softer material so it will be more comfortable to use. There are two main purposes for buying sex dolls, one is to have sex with them and the other is to have sex dolls to keep you company. So you can choose a silicone head to make your doll look closer to the real girl, you will be more immersive when having sex with her or living together in general. If your requirement for the doll body is more comfort than realism, then you have to choose the TPE body because the TPE material is softer and you will experience it when you have sex with the sex doll.