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How to choose the right sex doll

How to choose the right sex dolls or sex toys?
Welcome to CLM (Climax Doll) official website, enter our website, you will see a variety of sex dolls, so you should choose what kind of sex dolls are most suitable for you?

1. Sex Dolls for Beginners

If you are a sex doll beginner, then we suggest you to first consider the space for storing the sex doll and the weight of the doll, you have to fantasize where you can store the sex doll at home without being found by your family members to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. Because you are buying sex dolls or toys for the first time, what you should want to consider is to try out which material is suitable for you, so you should not buy a product that is too heavy, in case you buy a product that is too heavy, when you receive the product, you think that it is not the right material for you, that will be a big burden for you. So based on these two issues, we would suggest that sex dolls for beginners can be purchased in smaller sizes such as mammary intercourse sex toymasturbation-cup-sex-toy, and torso sex toys.

The second point you need to know about the production material of sex dolls, the production material of sex dolls are mainly silicone and TPE, here we will not explain the difference between silicone dolls and TPE dolls in detail, you can go through https://www.climax-doll.com/pages/faq this link to know more about it. 

The third point is to consider the price. If it is really your first time to buy a love doll, we suggest you can buy our S/X/L mini torso, R2, R4 and R5 butt sex toys. Because these are our entry level dolls, which are the most cost-effective dolls, you can start with these dolls to experience the quality of our products, and of course the quality of our dolls is well recognized by our customers.

2. Experienced sex doll players

For experienced players, we will suggest you to buy our silicone products and mixed material full size sex dolls. For silicone products, you can refer to our ❤️CLM Ultra❤️ series dolls, Si-BL# silicone torso sex dolls and Si-KSF# silicone torso sex dolls. For hybrid material sex dolls, you can refer to the full-size dolls in our ⭐️CLM Pro⭐️ series.

If you are a person who has purchased sex toys before, but it is your first time to purchase a full size doll, then I suggest you can purchase a TPE body with silicone head full size doll. This is because the silicone head will make the doll look more realistic and the TPE body is made of a softer TPE material so it will be more comfortable to use. There are two main purposes to buy a sex doll, one is to have sex with it and the other is to let the sex doll accompany you. So you can choose the silicone head to make your doll look closer to the real girl, so that you will feel more immersive when you have sex with her or usually live together, this series of silicone head is with ROS (real oral sex) technology and movable jaw function, the doll's fingers are articulated fingers, there are three joints The doll's fingers are articulated fingers with a total of three joints that can be moved. If your requirement for a doll body is comfort rather than realism, then you must choose a TPE body because TPE material is softer and you will experience its softness when you have sex with a sex doll. 

And if you are already owning a TPE doll or seeking for a more realistic doll, then I suggest you can buy our ❤️CLM Ultra❤️ series of dolls, which is a series of dolls whose body and head are made of silicone. This series of dolls can be said to be the masterpiece of Climax Dolls, no matter in terms of material, function configuration, body style and head style, they are all of the highest grade. The head is made of ROS (real oral sex) technology and movable, the head material is divided into 3 hardnesses, compared to the traditional hard silicone head, our silicone head outer layer is made of softer material, while the inside of the mouth is made of even softer material, and the teeth part is made of slightly harder material than the outer layer of the head and the mouth. The reason why we use 3 kinds of silicone materials with different hardness to make the silicone head is so that when you use it, you can feel that the material of the whole head to the soft hardness is closer to the soft hardness of the real head. As for the body of this series of dolls, we have adopted the foam weight reduction technology, greatly reducing the weight of the doll, you do not have to feel burdened for the weight. And gel boobs, skin texture, articulated fingers, and premium body coloring are all free standard features of this series of dolls. If you want to experience the highest and most realistic sex dolls, then purchasing ❤️CLM Ultra❤️ series dolls is the right choice for you.

And for some of you who are bothered by storage space, I suggest you to buy our Si-BL# and Si-KSF# silicone torso sex toys, which come with free skin texture, premium body paint, and gel boobs on both torsos.The Si-KSF# is a lighter weight torso and relatively small in size, which makes it very easy to store and use.The Si-BL# is a large boobed torso. It has the most attractive teardrop shaped boobs and inside the Si-BL# we have used foam weight reduction technology and the whole torso weighs only 19kg, so don't miss out if you like big boobed torsos for your toys.

If you have any questions about buying sex dolls or torso toys, feel free to contact us and we will answer them for you. Our contact email is: [email protected]