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Frequently Asked Question

What is a sex doll?
The sex doll is a human copy made of PVC(for old-fashioned inflatables), TPE or silicone that is intended for sexual encounters. David created the first sex doll in 1859 after deciding that, as a virgin, he wanted to create something with which he could have sex that wouldn't reject him but also felt like a real woman. He did this by stuffing a beaver pelt with mud and sewing it together, and the result was the first sex doll. To later sex dolls developed into inflatable dolls, to now is the most realistic and closest to the real TPE / silicone sex dolls.

Sex dolls are anthropomorphic dolls that are human-like, anatomically accurate, and made to be used in both solo and partnered sex to elicit or heighten sexual desire and pleasure. Sex dolls include at least one bodily part that may be inserted by the user, such as the mouth, vagina, penis or anus. The sex doll mimics the entire human body, unlike sex toys, which are limited to certain body parts (such as a dildo in the form of male human genitals or a masturbator in the form of female human genitals). Sex dolls come in a variety of body types, skin, hair, and eye colors, as well as genders (female, male, or trans), races (such as white, Asian, or African), ages (adult, adolescent, or child), and genders.

The sex doll is an explicitly sexual object that is cleverly made to closely resemble human being (now mostly female). It is characterized by a body that is anatomically accurate and feels and looks like the real thing. This priceless being is there to nourish your spirit and enhance your masturbation pleasure. Couples can also use it to experience their wildest fantasies and spice up their sex lives. Lifelike sex doll, also known as ‘love doll’, are made to have every feature you want in a sexual partner, down to the smallest detail. Love dolls are made to resemble real people as closely as possible, right down to their fingernails. In addition, you can personalize your ideal love doll by choosing the features that suit your tastes. Sex doll also known as love doll, is a sex toy of the size and realistic of a sexual partner, used for masturbation or spiritual sustenance. Sex dolls consist of a makeup head, a complete body, and accessories (vagina, anus, mouth, penis, etc.) for sexual stimulation.

How do sex dolls feel like?

This is a question usually asked. Sometimes people be embarrassed about these questions. But you don’t worry, and we will give you the best answer here.
If your budget is between $1,000 and $2,000, you can choose the most realistic sex doll, and you’ll get the most realistic experience because the fidelity is now close to real! If you only pursue body, you can spend less money, but cheaper torsos and inflatable dolls are less fun.

Is sex doll fit for me?
If you already use some sex toys, trying out a Climax Doll should be an absolute no-brainer. There are thousands of sex dolls on sale now. So you can find a favorite from them. I would recommend CLM dolls to everybody, beginner to experienced doll owner.
It’s a fantastic thing that everyone should try at least once due to the excellent solution it provides, and the market is getting bigger. We have a mix of the rare and high end, regulated and unregulated, right down to more budget-friendly alternatives that still offer excellent performance.
So, let’s have a look at some of our favorites Climax Doll.

How do sex dolls help with anxiety and depression?
Filling one’s sexual need is crucial of wellbeing and mental health and if there is a season in your life that you cannot fill your desires as often and intensively as you like, owning a realistic could be greatly beneficial. Realistic sex doll can help with anxiety and even depression, read more from our article. 

TPE Sex Dolls or Silicone Sex Dolls? Which One is Better For You?
-TPE VS Silicone Love Dolls
-Key Differenceow do sex dolls

TPE made skin is close to human skin texture, providing more realistic facial expression and features, compared to silicone.
TPE is used to produce all kind of sex toys, such as dildos, strokers, etc.
Among these two materials. TPE is more elastic than silicone, it’s less likely to break after some intense use.
Among these two, TPE is a more affordable material.
Silicone is easier to clean, compared to TPE.
Silicone can take higher temperature than TPE.
Both materials are safe to use.

Differences between Silicone or TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer).
Silicone, also known as silicone rubber, is a mixture of silicon polymer with carbon, hydro·gen and oxygen. TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is a mixture of plastic and rubber. Every manufacturer uses their own formula, which means that TPE is more of a "catch-all" which may include several compounds which differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. This means that TPE quality may vary wildly between manufacturers, especially among "knock-off" brands. 
Even high-quality TPE is less expensive to produce than silicone, which means that even high-end TPE dolls are more affordable than those made from silicone.  TPE is becoming more popular, largely as a product of the lower price, but also because it is softer to the touch compared to silicone, and has a more realistic "jiggle factor". However, doll owners say that silicone dolls can sometimes last longer than TPE dolls due to being more resistant to damage.

What is the lifespan of a sex doll?
In general, the lifespan of silicone sex dolls is 5-10 years. The lifespan of TPE sex dolls is 3-5 years. Regular maintenance and proper care can help maximize the doll's lifespan.

Can I return my sex doll if I do not want it anymore or my living situation changes?

We do not accept returns as these are personal hygiene items. We only sell new dolls. In case you want to throw away the doll, please check with your local waste management guidelines on how to properly dispose it.

How should I store my love doll?
Before storing your doll, wipe the doll with a clean, damp towel and then dry the doll to prevent mold or bacteria from growing. Then wrap the doll in a towel and place it in the cardboard box we come equipped with, or consider using a storage box designed specifically for dolls; these containers keep out dust and contaminants while allowing air to circulate.
If the doll has removable parts (e.g., detachable head, limbs, or genital inserts), it's generally best to store them separately to prevent deformation.
You can also contact us to add hooks if you want to put them in a closet ([email protected])

Is the warranty?

Due to the nature of this product it is not possible for us to provide an exchange or refund as there are multiple concerns such as hygiene. Please understand that this is the normal practice within the sex dolls industry. If your product or any part is damaged during shipping, please send photos to [email protected] and we will assess the issue in order to provide the better solution (a replacement for that product or part damaged, a fixing solution, it will depend on the nature of the incident. If the problem was caused by us we will take care of it. We believe all our products are of high quality and our Climax Doll have all been carefully screened to ensure that they can comply with the high standards we have come to expect. If you have any complaints or dissatisfaction please feel free to contact us so we can do our utmost to provide any suggestions or tips that may be able to resolve the issue. We appreciate any feedback as well as it can help us work to avoid a repeat of these issues in the future.

Can take factory photos for confirmation before shipping the doll?
You can note 'factory photos confirmation required before shipment' in the order notes when you place your order. We will do factory photos shoot about your doll when the doll production is completed. We will send you an email about doll factory photos when the shoot is complete (so please make sure you leave the correct email address). We will only ship the doll after you check the factory photos and make sure there is nothing wrong with it. If you forget to note in the order that you need to confirm the factory photos, you can notify us by email at [email protected].

How long do I have to wait for my doll to arrive?
(1) If you are in a European country, you will receive the parcel in about 12-15 days, the parcel will arrive in Poland or Belgium (depending on which transit war your country is close to) transit station 8 days after shipment, and the logistic information will be updated only after the customs clearance is completed in the transit station.

(2) If you are in the UK, you will receive the parcel in about 12-15 days. The parcel will arrive at the local customs 8 days after shipment, and the logistics information will be updated only after the customs clearance is completed.

(3) If you are in the US area, you will receive the parcel in about 7-12 days, the parcel will arrive at the local customs in the US 6-8 days after shipment, and the logistics information will be updated only after the customs clearance is completed.

(4) If you are in Asian countries, you will receive the parcel in about 5-7 days, the parcel will arrive at the local customs in about 3 days after shipment, and the logistics information will be updated only after the customs clearance is completed.

Where is the shipping from?
Generally it is shipped from the factory in China, if you place an order for a doll that we have in stock in our US warehouse it will be shipped from California, USA.

If my doll arrives damaged, what can I do?
As soon as you receive the doll, carefully inspect it for any visible damage. Document the damage by taking clear photos and videos from multiple angles. Make sure to capture all the affected areas.Then contact us ([email protected]) as soon as possible. Provide us with a detailed description of the damage and attach any photos or videos you have taken. Include your order number, delivery information and any other relevant details.

Will the packaging indicate that the product is a sex doll?
The sex doll packages we send out don't have any labelling indicating content. Rest assured, no one will know what’s inside.